Mustang Arms Raider

shotgun +1 N C 4d6 (12 ga.) 5/9 2 ST 60m 400€

Mustang Arms’ best known weapon, the Raider is a semi-automatic pump-action shotgun with an exchangeable ammunition tube (effectively working as a magazine) for quick reloading. (Additional 5-shot tubes cost 25€ each.) An extended tube with 9-shot capacity can be fitted for an extra 50€, but as it sacrifices the room needed for the exchangable tube reloading in favor of greater capacity, it has to be reloaded a single shell at a time.
As with all Mustang firearms, a proprietary smartgun rig is available for X€. Unlike Mustang’s more recent products, the raider can use any standard 12-gauge shells as ammunition.
This is the standard shotgun used by California law enforcement.

A common variation gets rid of the stock in favor of a pistol grip, and chops the barrel to match the length of the replaceable ammunition tube for increased concealability and portability at the expense of accuracy.
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shotgun -1 L C 4d6 (12 ga.) 5 2 ST 40m 450€

Mustang Arms Raider

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