Huang-Wei Medical

Huang-Wei Medical is a megacorporation, well known for its cybernetics and pharmaceuticals. Originally formed when several Asian manufacturers of medical equipment began a joint project to develop cybernetic prostheses, Huang-Wei Medical was the first to achieve commercial success with cybernetics. Thanks to business savvy and ruthless board room politicking the initially small joint project ultimately ended up absorbing its parent companies. Huang-Wei Medical managed to dominate the early cybernetics market and climbed its way all the way to megacorporation status.

If one wishes to describe the cybernetics division of Huang-Wei Medical the word stale comes to mind. Although they were once basically synonymous with cybernetics, their early success has made their cybernetics division complacent and lacking in ambition. Some corporate analysts have said that Huang-Wei designs absolutely the best cybernetics for the market as it was five years ago.

Huang-Wei designs its cybernetics typically to a good standard, from which features are then cut based on what is cheap at the moment to bring the price down to a chosen price point. Most of the time the result is an affordable low-end cybernetic with some high-end features, but every now and then you get jewels such as limbs with reinforced high-grade steel joints but inferior servos, or the infamous cybereyes with much marketed top-of-the-line image sensors made all but useless thanks to extremely cheap optics. The typical Huang-Wei product is cheaper than basic with one built in extra, but two fewer upgrade spaces. Huang-Wei Medical is the only manufacturer which still hangs on to the term “cybernetic prosthesis”. Huang-Wei Cybernetics favors minor improvements over previous effort, rather than searching for revolutionary technologies like so many in the field of cybernetics.

The other famous division of Huang-Wei Medical is Huang-Wei Pharmaceuticals. Founded (or at least made public) just five years ago Huang-Wei Pharmaceuticals has yet to come up with a product that would truly put it on the map, but the division is highly motivated and hungry for success. The division prides itself for its ability to come up with new solutions to old problems by thinking outside the box: in a recent television interview the director of the division stated this philosophy as the number one reason behind the success of the division in coming up with entirely new treatments for diseases previously considered “incurable”.

Huang-Wei Medical

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