Revivalists are those who wish to re-unite all those territories formerly held by the United States of America under one federal government. Furthermore after (insert flagrant incident high-lighting corporate power here) putting the corporations back in their proper place (subservient to the federal government) has become a political aspiration.

Revivalists enjoy a measure of support (financial and otherwise) from those corporations who see the revival of a strong central government as an opportunity. These corporations typically do not depend on their status as meta-national entities and/or have much to gain from government contracts, influence over legislation or who wish the state protected them from corporate war. The other, often more significant reason for corporate support is the fact that as long as revivalists exist as a significant political force a war between the Federated Republic of Texas and the United States of America is a real possibility. This fact ensures that arms deals get signed.

In those areas where the federal government is strongest revivalists are seen as a valid political movement and typically express their political opinion through patriotic rallies and by lobbying for a war against Texas. It is widely known that many revivalist groups fund (and even help train) irregular militia in Texas and other secessionist states, but the federal government turns a blind eye on such activities as long as they do not threaten the local law and order.

In those states that have seceded from the union or are currently close to doing so revivalist political organizations either have an armed wing, or are wholly paramilitary. Texas has classified all revivalist organizations terrorist organizations after repeated car bombings of government buildings by revivalist militia. In those areas where the situation is not quite as dire revivalists are typically in the fringe of the political landscape, lumped in with the various other types of crazies and kooks.


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