J: Punkissa Eurooppa hallitsi koska sillä oli mass drivereitä kuussa. Kenties meidän Eurooppamme hallitsee koska sillä on makro-tason ilmastonmuokkaus teknologiaa? “Älä ryppyile tai pistetään ilmasto sekaisin teidän alueella!”?

Micro car vs. Macro car

What you see on those car commercials on TV isn’t exactly true. Not all Europeans drive those fancy muscular hyper-cars. The vast majority drive what is known as a “micro car”. Micro cars are designed to take up as little space as possible and as eco-friendly as possible, relatively inexpensive and, by American standards, very slow. They have more in common with a phonebooth on wheels than the sexy sports cars you see on the advertisements.

Macro cars are those cars on the adverts. They are out of reach for the average euro-citizen not only because of the cost of purchasing the vehicle, but also because of the permits needed. Macro cars usually take four micro car parking spaces, so you need a permit from the city authorities to own one, and the pollution permits are expensive as well. The archetypical owner of a macro car is a young corporate male.


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