Drones and other remotely operated gear

Skills involved:

Remote Operations: Basically the equivalent of Athletics. Also, whenever a character wishes to use another skill remotely, they must use the lower of Remote Operations and the skill they wish to employ.

  • If the action depends on precision, use TECH as the attribute.
  • If the action depends on speed or reaction time, use REF as the attribute.
    • If both are needed (usually reactions in addition to precision, for example shooting), use REF as the attribute.
  • If you are using an INT, EMP or COOL skill, Remote Operations is probably not a factor. the drone just acts as your eyes allowing you to attempt the action.
  • If an action depends on BODY or MOVE, use the drone’s statistics

Drone Statistics

  • Name: Name of the model. Pretty simple when you think about it, eh?
  • Description: The general appearance and/or function of the drone, how big is it, etc.
  • Control Modifier: This modifier is added to all actions attempted through the drone. Control Modifier can be anything from -5 to 0. A cyberlink adds +2 to Control Modifier, which an make it positive.
  • Armor: The Stopping Power of the drone chassis, if any.
  • Structure: How much damage can the drone sustain before it is disabled or destroyed. Disabled is usually one half of Destroyed.
  • MOVE: How fast and acrobatic is the drone.
  • BODY: How much force can the drone effect.
  • Control Range: How far away from the transmitter can the drone operate. This is just a baseline number, environmental conditions can easily halve or double the range.
  • Processor: What kind of computing power does the drone have.
  • Standard Programs: What programs are included in the chassis.
  • Onboard Systems: What systems are included in the drone.

Drone Chassis

Name Description Control Modifier Armor Structure MOVE BODY Control Range Processor Standard Programs Onboard Systems

Drone Parts


Short range radar, designed for detecting drones.

Drones and other remotely operated gear

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