Cover and Vehicle Stopping Power

Sheetrock Wall: SP 5
Concrete Block Wall: SP 10
Brick Wall: SP 25
Stone Wall: SP 30

Wood Door: SP 5
Heavy Wooden Door: SP 15
Steel Door: SP 20

Curb: SP 25
Tree, Phone Pole: SP 30
Concrete Utility Pole: SP 30
Data Term: SP 25 (Relevant?)
Mailbox: SP 25
Hydrant: SP 35

Typical car body: SP 10
Armored civilian car: SP 10-30, Composite at high end
Armored Car: SP 30-40, Composite at high end
APC: SP 40-60, Composite if modern
Light Tank/IFV: SP 60-80, Composite if modern
Main Battle Tank: SP 80-120, Composite if modern

Most aircraft: Sp 10-30
AV: SP 10-40

Cover and Vehicle Stopping Power

Edgerunner Kohme Sevain