Availability describes how common an item is and how easily you can get your hands on one. Although rare things tend to be expensive, sometimes they are just plain rare. When you wish to purchase an item and you have adequate time and access the GM should rule the purchase does not require a roll. If the GM feels finding the item, or someone willing to sell one, is not a certainty roll either INT+Streetwise, if finding the item is the problem, or COOL+Streetwise, if convincing them to sell the item to you is the problem. If you fail by less than five points the GM might offer the item to you at double the listed price.

Availability Shorthand Where can you find this stuff? TD
Excellent E This stuff is very easy to find. You can get one in a supermarket, from a corner dealer or even a vending machine. 10
Common C This stuff is easy to find. You might find one at a supermarket, but your odds are better at a store which specializes in this stuff. 15
Poor P This stuff is difficult to find. You might try your luck at a specialized store, but the odds are pretty good they will have to order it for you. 20
Rare R This stuff is very difficult to find. Even a specialized store might not know who to contact in order to get one for you. 25

In addition to this the following modifiers can be applied:

Modifier TD
The police crack down heavily on the item in question. For example automatic firearms and combat drugs. +5
Doubling the price. It is easier to find someone willing to sell something to you if you throw a lot of money at them. -5
Halving the price. You can get some great deals at the grey market. Note that this stuff is probably stolen. +5
Short notice. It is difficult to get anything right now. How long right now is depends on the item in question. +5
Plenty of time to search. If you have the luxury of shopping around you are much more likely to find what you are looking for. -5

Not that the availability of stuff depends heavily on where you are. For example the AK-47 has Excellent availability in the former East-Block while it its merely Common in the US.


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