Oh, Boston...

The stewardess woke me up to a headache. I didn’t like her.

I liked the Customs official who took the needle from my injector even less.

Boston sucks.

For what it’s worth, Cypher would give us five thousand euros for fucking up some big car named after a dead president in a funny hat.

I didn’t know you could be a brand name just for wearing a funny hat. I guess this is the Land of Opportunity.

Boston still sucks.

I was sort of surprised to find Twist, though, in this insignificant little town. I mean, the buildings are so old.

But yeah, I hacked into the Ironside Armorworks lobby and R&D. No prob. Piece of cake. Getting the specs of the “vehicle” for the guys was pretty easy. BUT GODDAMN THAT FIREWALL ON THE OPERATIONS ACCESS!!!!!!!!11 Seriously, WTF?! I mean, who the fuck makes me piss myself because of some truck?

Just don’t tell Doc Li I wet myself a bit. He’s got really pretty hair.

Or that I sort of fucked up the run on the truck’s internal Net. Oops.

Fortunately, they told me they just wanted me to “disable the target’s defensive systems.” I was sort of worried at first, but then, when the Net went down, that sucked. I jacked out. I didn’t want to, but I did.

Someone once told me that, like, that line was in some famous poem. But what did he know, he ccouldn’t even get his dick up.

But yeah, Amok was really awesome! When I came to, the first thing I noticed when the Net went down was her jumping down the rope on top of the truck! I mean, on top of the truck, in the middle of the machine guns and everything! I wish I was that brave!

I tried to – honest, I tried! But somehow I ended up back where I started, maybe because of climbing down and up the rope. I’m not sure because all of a sudden I heard a buzzing noise and there was a pain in my tummy and I was bleeding.

It was a bad buzzing thing. Like a fire alarm. But Hoss was awesome and killed the buzzing thing just in time for me to see. Just like my fire alarm that one time. And the other time.

It was great!

Doc Li was groping me at the time, but I didn’t mind. I wish he was on drugs like Hoss and would like me like I liked… never mind. But I’m on drugs so it’s okay. He can make his own drugs so I guess he can’t be happier.

I’m happy. All the time.

See, Professor Whitaker, my spelling’s just fine! AND I’M HAPPY!

“Those drugs will rot your brain”, my ass! When I came to on the flight back to Night City Doc Li told me that even the cops let us be. We’re that good!

But Amok’s seat was empty. That’s sad. But as she once said, “When in doubt, jus’ blow shit up!”

Someone’s saying I talk too much, and now Doc Li is giving me something fuzzy.

I like fuzzy.

I hope Amok is feeling fuzzy.


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