Substance X

The Party's Party Drug


Strength X; Duration d6 * 10min; sticky greyish gel with tiny gas bubbles, contact, goes through latex

Known effects:
Euphoric 2
Aphrodisiac 2
Hallucinogenic 2

Known side-effects:
Rash (approx 8-16h after use, covers everything touched by the gel; due to contaminants)
Cat-urine like smell (released from trapped gas bubbles when gel is spread; due to contaminants)
Psychologically addictive to an unknown degree

Contaminants can be removed either with a 100k€ professional scientific Super-Ultra-High-Performance-Chromatograph, or with a 10k€ (of which 9k€ Super-Polyadsorbent) home made adsorption column


Created by Doctor Li.

Substance X

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