Red Eye Express

New combat drug on the streets.


Pale yellow liquid that comes in a black, disposable autoinjector with no manufacturer’s markings.

The high makes the user more focused and quick, also enhancing their pain tolerance and giving them a burst of energy. Additionally, their senses, especially vision, become incredibly sharp for the duration, and resisting their primal urges, especially violent ones, becomes difficult.
These effects are followed by a low which reduces the user to burnt-out wreck – the strain that was put to the senses and reflexes means that they can’t stand bright lights and hurt all over, and their motor control is severely impaired. While the drug doesn’t have any “feelgood” components, just alleviating the low drives most users to get a second fix.

Current street price at the moment (read: until people come asking for a second fix) is approximately 300€ per dose.

Primary effects REF +3, MOVE +1, Awareness +3, Stun saves +2, Endurance +3
Immediate side effects Bloodshot eyes, loss of inhibition (severe suppression: COOL save -2, tendencies to violent activity)
Delayed effects Stun saves -3, REF & MOVE halved, Light sensitivity (-2 to all actions in bright light unless the user has flare compensation/is wearing shades or equivalent.) Bloodshot eyes remain.
Withdrawal effects -2 to all actions during withdrawal. Additionally, light sensitivity still applies. If addicted, needs to double the dosage to get the effects of a single dose.
Duration d6x10min, time to next dose & withdrawal 3d6 hours.


Red Eye Express

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