Dauntless Carbine

weapon (ranged)

The Dauntless is [Corporation 1]’s first foray into the world of caseless rounds. The snub weapon is made out of latest composites and uses a patented ceramic for the barrel.

Weapon Type WA Concealability Availability Damage Clip RoF Reliability Range Cost
Dauntless carbine rifle +2 J/L R 3d6+3 10/40 3(4)/20 VR 30m 2800e

Is concealability J with a short 10 round magazine and with the telescoping stock retracted. Weapon is WA 0 while the stock is retracted. Design incorporates smartgun linkage (bonus not included in the profile). The rifle RoF increases to 4 if the user is plugged to the weapon.


[Corporation 1]‘s Dauntless Carbine design competed against the [Corporation 2]’s Assault Pistol design. The Assault Pistol was chosen due to much lower costs. The Dauntless is considered significant, if only because it showed that even European security services had a limit to the price they were willing to pay.

Dauntless Carbine

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