Terminally narcotic netrunner


BOD 4, COOL 3, CTOL 4, EMP 5, INT 9, LUCK 7, MOVE 6, REF 5, TECH 7

CYBER (total HL 32, 1 failed save): Neural processor (cyberlink, plugs, chipware socket; total HL 10), Techhair (HL 3), Biomonitor (HL 1), two cyberoptics (VR overlay, VerbalEyes; HL left 9,5, right 8,5).

SKILLS: Carouse/Resist drugs 5, Intimidate 1, Self-control/resist torture 2, Streetwise 4, Seduction 1, Awareness 2, Composition 1, Data search 5, General knowledge 4, Interface 5, Netwise 4, Programming 5, Dodge/escape 3, Handgun 1, Initiative 3, Pilot (car) 1, Stealth 2, Disguise 2, Electronics 2, First aid 1, Remote ops 2, Security systems 1, Sleight of hand 2, Expert (drugs) 1, Credit cracking 6, Drug tolerance 2

LANGUAGES: English 8, Spanish 3, Mandarin 3

Addictions: Hodorine (and other COOL boosters), Red Eye Express, Nookie Cream


An Ivy League student who got into fraudulent business practices because of her dying lover. Loyal and capable, unfortunately she’s reliable only if she’s seriously fucked up on a myriad of drugs. And I mean fucked up; as in, ‘she isn’t able to deal with reality unless she’s under the influence.’

It’s a good thing that she’s one of the best cred crackers on the West Coast – with all the talents that entails. She’d have been dead in a ditch a long time ago otherwise.


Edgerunner Kohme MuadMouse