Eric T. Gilliam

Corporate security professional between jobs


FULL NAME Eric Tiberius Gilliam
CALLSIGNS “Pinky”, “Rust”

AGE 23
ETHNICITY middle-eastern, culturally white trash american

Middle-eastern-looking 23-year old man. Quite fit, neat short dark hair, simple utilitarian clothing (when not in work gear), some tongue and eyebrow piercings.

Is more used to living in company bunkers than at home. Now lives in a small, simple, ascetic one bedroom flat in moderate zone. It looks more like a hostel room than a home. Rent 500eb/week.

REP: ?
In general: Professional enough, but a selfish scumbag
Exmode: rude, arrogant
Inmode: sceptic
Also: passionate (& religious?)

BOD 6 – COOL 10 – CTOL 5 – EMP 4 – INT 8 – LUCK 3 – MOVE 5 – REF 10 – TECH 9
Primary skills: security systems, SMG, handgun, initiative, human perception.

Neural processor
Kerenzikov +2
Interface plugs
Pain Editor

Failed Ctol saves
3, getting alienated, hence very keen on abusing euphoric hallucinogens, virtual reality and games


Family & background

Crime Lord family ranking, family status ok. Spent his childhood in a defended corporate zone in the central city. Both parents alive. 6 siblings, 4 sisters, 2 brothers: 3 younger, 2 older and a twin brother.

Dad Charles Gilliam, 73
Crime: SA Cartel, lawyer
Sneaky and deceptive (with such a role-model, no matter Eric is a bastard!)

Mom Lori GIlliam, 56
Before met my dad she used to be a cop in Special Investigation
Rebellious, antisocial, violent (what a motherly person!)

Shelli Gilliam, 25
Media, journalist
hates me

Marion Gilliam, 24
Federal agent, dep. of Interior
likes me

Kyle Gilliam, 23
twin brother, hates me
Street trash: freelance assasin/hitman
Is arrogant, proud, aloof. Likes Darrel the best. Values vengeance. Hates almost everyone. Has really cool boots. So gay it isn’t even funny anymore.

Darrell Gilliam, 17
Just started training to become paramedic
hates me

Pamela Gilliam,15
Still at home & school
hero-worships me

Julianne Gilliam, 10
Still at home & school
neutral towards me


Some biotech&software firm, security
Other firms, security
Earlier this year: Xecurity same time with Justin Case, junior security manager.

Vedetään Raajoja Välistä -keikka

Vedetään Huumeita Välistä -Keikka

Roadtrip – Likasta kokkelia myymässä

Currently between jobs.


Garland White
Met him at a bar few years back, street scum fixer friend, pothead

Aundrea R. Baker
Previous partner at Xecurity. Junior executive for the firm. Friend. I owe her one.

Pamela G. Scott
Former lover, corporate security junior executive
Love affair with problems, we got separated, now they like me, I hate that annoying incompetent bitch

Brittany Modzelewski
Childhood sweetheart, met through a common lover Carrie Mills when Eric was 16
hates me, I still like her

Carrie Mills
Childhood sweetheart, met through fast affairs and hot dates when Eric was 16, fixer
hates me, I still like her


Anthony Williams
Relative, paramedic
Anthony attempted blackmail 6 years ago, hates me, verbal abuse whenever possible

James C. Palmer
Former employer (5 years ago), corporate security guy in a biotech software firm
Clashing personalities, hates me, gonna get eye for an eye, willing to throw EVERYTHING against me

+ 1 secret enemy who wants me dead. (GMs choice)

+ There is a warrant of Eric somewhere, for something. (GMs choice)

Eric T. Gilliam

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