A Familiar Sort of Night City Party

When I woke up, the one thing I knew for certain was that Doc Li could make me happy. So very, very happy. But he wasn’t there. Just that intravenous injection he gave me.

The intravenous injection made me happy.

It was a coffin hotel where I woke up. And not a bad one – I checked my groin, and there wasn’t anything on it. I knew Doc Li would look after me.

I got out of there. Bad things happen there. Things that make you unhappy.

I don’t like being unhappy, so I called a friend. We go way back, we were friends before… We go waaaay back, from when I was… someone else. .It wasn’t easy getting his number, though. Had to break stuff for that.

But anyway, Tertius told me he’d meet me at The Mission, and he did. He was just as big and cuddly as I remembered. I think he’d gotten religion or something, though, because the guy he hung out with was a priest and shit. That was kinda neat, especially with all the weird shit we got up to at the motel with that stripper.

She was really beautiful. I wish my pussy tasted as good as hers.

It took a lot of bouncing on the bed to wake them up. They were really boring about it, too, until the priesty guy got a call that told him that his contact had turned on him. that’s not nice, so I tracked the traitorous bitch down, and the shipment of stuff the motherfucker tried to steal.I was all “Waste the motherfucker!”, but the Reverend told me he’d rather track down the truck that was carrying his merchandise. So I did just that.

The good news was that there’d been a big pile-up and Body-Lotto numbers had bone up, and the truck was stuck in traffic. But I got some shit sold while approaching the truck, so I’m good. Less Bliss for me, but the guy I sold it to seemed to need it more than I did.

I went up to the truck, slid under, drilled my way into the system, and then there was a lot of shooting and the truck, for some reason went back and forth on top of me, like a lot of guys. Only it doesn’t usually involve quite this much blood. When I got out, Tertius was squeezed between the truck and the awful-looking station wagon in front of it, and the Priest was bleeding a lot onto the tarmac.

I like Twist. It makes you sharp and observant, and it seems a bit of an exaggeration to bother Doc Li with gross stuff like bleeding and crushed limbs. It’s beneath him, really, but he’s such a benevolent person that he’ll even tend to unworthy. As I’ve found out so many times.

Then we bought a church.


Kohme MuadMouse

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